We are so happy!! No more anxiety getting in and out of the tub! Thank you!

Walter from Ohio, CleanCut Step

My husband and I are absolutely delighted with the step. It looks fantastic and we now have no trouble getting in and out of the tub, AND if we want a bath the insert drops in so easily and seals completely. Wish we had known about this before.

Ida-Mae from Canada, CleanCut Convertible

I’m very pleased to have this safer method of getting in and out of my bathtub. Having this cut out will hopefully allow me to stay in my home much longer.

Joyce from Missouri, CleanCut Ultra-Low

Was looking for a miracle among various websites to help me find something to help my aging mother who has severe R.A. Luckily CleanCut was our rescue! Looks great!!! I have no trouble in referring people to this wonderful idea and service. Thank You!

Lavern from Arizona

I find the step makes it easier to get in and out of the tub for a shower. I can get my husband in and out much easier also.

Janet from New York, CleanCut Step

This product has allowed my husband to bathe himself with no help from me. We both are happy with his independence. Before this he was always afraid to get out of the tub. What a good idea!

Sue from Florida

I saw the CleanCut Door that had been installed at my friends home and was favorably impressed. I am very pleased with the installation of my CleanCut Door.

Virginia from New York, CleanCut Door

We actually bought 2 of the Clean Cut products. One was the Convertible, and one wasn’t. This has been a great source of comfort for me as well as one for my mother-in-law. Quick easy ordering and shipping. Installation was very easy. I’m so glad to have found these, at a very reasonable price for safety!

Annemarie from New York, Step & Convertible

Very pleased with product. I wish I had it fitted a long time ago.

Valerie from Winnipeg

Very satisfied with fast, clean installation!

Robert from New York

I had a spinal cord injury and have trouble lifting my leg into the tub – looks great!!

N. Lee from Virginia

I have one in my tub, and I love it. I’m a 100% disabled Army veteran, and this helps me get in and out of the tub easier.

Carla from Minnesota

This has given us a better quality of life. Adding this, with the conversion option, in our bathroom, along with hand rails, has added shower safety and confidence to our life. Love it!

Debbie from Michigan

Had this installed yesterday – it’s awesome! Price was right and installer was great, only took 2 hours. Great job, very happy and al ot safer now getting in and out of tub.

Sarah from Pennsylvania

Caregiver Testimonials

I had one of these installed for my 97 year old mom just this last summer. She still lives at home and I help her with her bathing. I love the cutout. It is one of the best investments we ever made. It keeps her feeling safe and that makes getting her in and out so much easier. I would recommend this for anyone with elderly parents.


Department of Aging recommended instead of tearing a perfectly good bathroom apart.

Judith from MT

I just had this installed for my Mom and she LOVES it! She can now get into the shower unassisted and is so thankful to have her independence again! John was our installer and he was great! The job was done in about 1.5 hours and there was no mess to clean up afterward! I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who needs easier access to their shower without the high cost of renovations of the whole bathroom…plus the added benefit that it was done so quickly! Thanks to John my Mom can feel confident getting into the shower once again!


We were expecting to have to spend over $8,000 to prepare our bathroom for my elderly father. For less than $1,000, we were able to provide a safe bathroom environment with Safeway Step.

Kyle from SC

We had this product installed for an elderly family member that we took in and I wanted a product that was durable, and serve as also not only a walk in shower but also be able to still use as a bath tub. I will recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient, fast installation, durable and economical alternative for a walk in shower.

Kimberly from Ohio, CleanCut Convertible

I purchased the Convertible model. It is perfect for my 85 year old mother to step into the tub/shower and I like that I can put the piece in to bathe my dogs. The walk in tubs were too expensive and CleanCut was the perfect solution. Perfect solution for my home.

Carol from Ohio, CleanCut Convertible

Facility Testimonials

The tenants who have been using the tub door are very happy. It is so much easier for them to get into their tub/shower. It is very affordable. Thank you!

Mainview Apartments in Nebraska

Residents are very pleased and love these products!

Harmony Village in Ohio

Looks good and the resident is thrilled with it.

York Hills in Michigan, CleanCut Step

Installation was a success. Installers were efficient, helpful, and did excellent work.

Calvary Community in Georgia, CleanCut Convertible

I am a property manager of a Senior apartment complex and this product has saved us so much money and made taking a shower easier and safer for hundreds of people. We purchased our first tub cut out at least 3-4 years ago to install in the first apartment, and have routinely continued to install in the majority of our apartments. If someone is unable to take a bath and has difficulty lifting their legs over the tub wall…… This is the best, safest and most economical solution to keep your loved ones safe and independently showering. We have never had an issue with this product or an installation, our maintenance man has installed several of these and it is very easy. This is one of the greatest selling points when showing an apartment to an applicant. In my opinion this is better than the walk in showers because it still has the partial wall of the tub so that there is less of a chance for the water to go out onto the floor.

Property Manager for National Church Residences, CleanCut Step

As an Apt. Manager I get requests for step through tubs, and this product is perfect. I first ordered the basic step through, but have gone to the convertible because I like the ability to make it a full tub if need be. Maintenance made a template for the actual cutting of the tub, so now installation is a breeze. Customer service is some of the best I’ve dealt with & ordering is a snap.

Maple Church Apartments in Arkansas, CleanCut Convertible

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