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Installation Overview Video

Short Install Overview Video

Watch our one minute installation overview video! **Full Installation Videos Below**

Determine the Right Product Size

Product Selection Tool

Walk through which product and size to purchase for your bathtub!

Sizing Video:

Watch our sizing video to determine how to measure your tub for choosing the right sized product!

Product Sizing Guide:

Check out our sizing guide to compare sizes and see measurements!

Installation Videos

Install Video 1 of 9: Introduction
Install Video 2 of 9: Product Overview
Install Video 3 of 9: Product Sizing
Install Video 4 of 9: Tools & Materials
Install Video 5 of 9: Prepping Tub
Install Video 6 of 9: Cutting the Tub
Install Video 7 of 9: Measure & Cut Product
Install Video 8 of 9: Support + Membrane
Install Video 9 of 9: Final Steps

Marketing Materials

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Product Overview Brochure (Intended to share with your customers)

Referral Cards (Pass these out after your product installation is complete)

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Step Image Set

Ultra-Low Step Image Set

Door Image Set

Convertible Image Set

Overview Video with our Independent Installer Logo + room at end for your logo and contact information

Installation Guides

Installer Overview Catalog
Install Guide: Step
Install Guide: UltraLow
Install Guide: Door
Install Guide: Convertible

Care & Use Guides

Care & Use: Step
Care & Use: UltraLow
Care & Use: Door
Care & Use: Convertible

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