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The challenge to effectively age-in-place often involves environmental issues within the home that affect activities of daily living. Many individuals, particularly the elderly and those suffering from a loss of mobility, have trouble accessing the bathtub area due to the high step that is typically required to step into and out of the bathtub.


CleanCut’s line of bathtub conversion inserts offer a simple and cost-effective home modification solution that provides easier access to the bath/shower area. CleanCut installations require only a fraction of the time and cost compared to a full bathtub replacement – giving you a more affordable and timely option to offer customers. Products are installed on the existing tub in a few hours and can be used on any type of tub – from fiberglass to cast iron.


There are multiple product options to fit your customer’s needs.  CleanCut’s core products include The CleanCut Step, which converts an existing tub into a permanent walk-in shower, and the CleanCut Convertible, which features a removable center section to allow for easy transition from step-in shower to full bath.  Tens of thousands of CleanCut’s products have been installed across the country in private residences, senior housing and long-term care facilities and hotels.


Each kit comes complete with everything you will need for the installation, including: the unit, a 2-part support structure, two cartridges of industrial grade adhesive with application nozzle, a waterproof wrap (for Convertible), a cutting template, and written installation guide. Full video instructions are available online, making training easy.

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Grow your aging-in-place business today with an economical, high-profit margin option for your customers.

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