General FAQs

Our innovative and patented process includes cutting and removing a section of the existing tub and custom fitting a CleanCut product to allow for easier and safer accessibility. CleanCut offers multiple product options to fit your needs that can be installed quickly and for a fraction of the cost compared to other renovation options. CleanCut offers project kits or can connect you with a local professional installer. Like to learn more? Check out our Overview Video!

CleanCut offers four different affordable bathtub retrofit products that provide unique benefits and features. To understand options and differences, please watch our Overview Video or check out our Our Product Page to learn more!

Options for installation of CleanCut products include purchasing a project kit (and installing yourself/your own installer) or connecting with and having the installation completed by a local professional installer.

Project Kits
Project kits start at just $325 and can be purchased in CleanCut’s Store.

Local Professional Installer
The cost to have a CleanCut product installed typically costs just 20% of the cost compared to traditional remodeling. Interested? Please click To Find a Local Installer. Please note that installers most often quote the project for both Product & Installation.

Yes, CleanCut products can be installed on any type of tub - porcelain, fiberglass, steel and even cast iron. If it is cast iron, we recommend getting professional installation and using a diamond blade.

For full bath functionality while still having a step-through tub, we recommend the Convertible. This is our fastest growing and most versatile product. It comes with a removable center plug that locks on and off in moments, allowing you to transition from step-in shower to full bath. This allows you to keep the future value of the tub and is great for multi-generational homes and changing needs.

We strive to get your product to you as quickly as possible. We ship on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from our Cincinnati warehouse via FedEx Ground to the Continental United States. To view approximate ship times, click here. If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, please call our office at 877-882-7837 to discuss options and shipping details.

Technical FAQs

Yes – CleanCut products have been installed on hundreds of cast iron tubs. We do recommend you get professional installation. We also recommend using a Diamond Segmented Blade, which we sell in our online store.

We recommend the following tools be used for cutting the tub: side grinder for entry cuts (if cast iron, use side grinder with diamond blade for all cutting), reciprocating saw for the rest of the cuts. Jigsaw with 2” blade to cut product.

All CleanCut inserts are made of composite polyethaline plastic – an extremely durable, hard plastic.

Yes – the sliding doors will just have to be removed prior to installation (and cannot be put back on). We recommend purchasing a new shower curtain in place of the doors.

Garden tubs have many different styles, and it really depends on the specific tub. If you’d like us to take a closer look at your tub, please send photos and measurements to From there we can discuss options!

We do not recommend installing a CleanCut product on a tub with a liner. Why? You might not know what is under the liner.  If it is a cast iron tub, the heat from the cut can melt the liner.  Also, the liner could become loose from the back and forth movement of the cutting during installation.

We do not recommend it.  Why?  Water lines for the jets could be in the tub and you could cut into the plumbing, which could be damaged during installation.

Unfortunately, you cannot add a Door to an existing Step, because the part of the tub you cut out for the Step is too large for the Door insert to fit. The best option would be to purchase a Convertible, which has the same size cut out, take out the Step insert and replace with the Convertible.

We recommend getting the hinge side on whatever side the faucet is on in the tub. For example, if you look at your tub and the plumbing is on the left side, you would get a Left-Hinged door (the Door will open towards the plumbing).

Installer FAQs

Want to become one of our installers? You can quickly and easily Register your Company for a free account. Once submitted, you’ll have access to our special wholesale pricing. Want to chat with someone about opportunities with our products? Give CleanCut a call at 877-882-7837, we look forward to working with you!

Installing CleanCut products offer remodelers, builders, AIP specialists and other types of professionals a high-demand Aging in Place product that’s ideal for a growing segment of the population.

We offer marketing materials for our installers - including photos, videos, and brochure order instructions - on our Info for Installers page.

Senior Housing Community FAQs

CleanCut offers three easy ways for your community to have CleanCut products installed.

  1. Do It Yourself – CleanCut provides a complete installation kit that allows your maintenance staff to perform the install quickly and at a minimal cost. Visit our How-To and Sizing Page to view all the information needed for sizing and “how-to” install training. Ready to purchase kits? Register for an Account or Visit our CleanCut Store today!
  2. We Do It For You (Larger Jobs / Over 10 Installs) – Give CleanCut a call (877-882-7837) and we will arrange to send our traveling corporate install team to complete the installations quickly and economically.
  3. Connect with a Local Installer (Small Jobs/Under 10 Installs) – CleanCut has partnered with hundreds of Independent Installers across the US to provide installation services. Please click To Find a Local Installer.
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